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Family Law and Divorce

We have successfully helped many clients with family law disputes, including those with complicated international law components. We offer full and limited scope (unbundled) legal service.

  • Ending the Marriage: Divorce Legal Separation Temporary Orders Immediate Restraining Orders
  • International Jurisdiction Issues: Disputing/Requesting Jurisdiction in the U.S. in international divorces and child custody matters
  • Unmarried Parents: Child Support  Parentage  Immediate Restraining Order
  • Intimate Committed Relationships (ICR): Property division and child support issues in long-term relationships
  • Spousal Maintenance: Petition for Spousal Maintenance Modification to Spousal Maintenance
  • Parenting Plans: Divorces Unmarried Parents Changing Parenting Plans
  • Residential Schedule: Temporary Non-Parent Custody Order Changing Residential Schedule
  • Child Support: Temporary Orders Modifying Child Support Adjust Child Support Order
  • Relocation: Motions to Relocate Objections to Relocation with Children Temporary Orders
  • Fertility Law: In-vitro fertilization disputes