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Excellent Attorney

Jeff is an excellent professional attorney. He's knowledgeable and direct to the point, and act aggressively yet respectfully for the best interests of his client. He provides advice in details. He's honest and is reasonable with the charge. Well done on my case. I am extremely satisfied with the results. Highly recommended!

Great Man... Brings Washington Law down to Earth

I really enjoy communicating with the Lawyer. I find him to be a breath of fresh air every time I speak with him. I am a person who likes to understand how things work and why they work, so I tend to ask a lot of questions. Before speaking with Mr Admon I have found that many lawyers pointlessly talk over my head, treat me like my questions are a waste of their time, or seem generally impatient. Dealing with that kind of thing just adds stress to litigation, which can already be very stressful. However Mr Admon has always made me feel like I was worth his time, answers my questions in a way that makes sense to those of us without a law degree, and helps me feel less of a stranger in the strange land of law. Plus he makes me laugh, which is great comic relief when dealing with a contested parenting arrangement. If your case is stressful, I highly recommend Mr. Admon... He will help you feel back in control when things feel nuts.

Excellent Lawyer

Jeff was a huge help and supportive during my divorce. He genuinely cared, was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He was always available when I had questions and was patient with me to explain what I could and couldn't do.

Great experience

Moshe was super helpful and knowledgeable. He dived in deep and truly cared about my issue. I felt so satisfied, we had a follow-up consultation even.

What an awesome experience! Should’ve consulted him sooner!

Jeff (Moshe), was superb in answering my questions and took the time to understand my situation with Property and rental questions. He not only was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and answered all my questions; he was quick-witted, funny, and had a very soothing and comforting voice! 
Not your stiff lip lawyer type! 
He helped answer all my questions and Help me be at ease with my decision. He also got me in contact with a colleague to help with my property concerns! Thank you. Wish I would’ve contacted sooner and when I had originally started with this property.

Amazing Research
Moshe went far over and above expected, researching case law so he could provide a solid answer to my question. Amazing! I was in a desperate situation, and understanding the law on the question made a significant difference. He listened actively, asked clarifying questions that helped me summarize my situation, and I will definitely hire him should my situation require it in the future.

Amazing Advocate, Experienced, knowledgeable

I met Moshe a few months ago through AVVO seeking answers for a legal issue I had questions about. He has been amazing help to me and without him I don't know what I would have done. In the 90s I worked in the legal industry and I have years of experience working with and for attorneys and their law offices. Moshe is one of the best advocates you will ever find for your legal issues. He truly cares about his clients. He really puts himself out there for his clients and I couldn't recommend him more. I know you'll be very happy with his compassion, knowledge and fierce advocacy for your legal needs.

Fantastic Attorney

I hired Moshe after a phone consultation when I needed help obtaining an anti-harassment order. The other party had mounted an incredibly aggressive defense in an emotionally high-stress situation. Moshe immediately grasped the situation that I was facing and jumped into action. I had been handling this pro se, but without my lawyer, I would have walked into a legal buzzsaw. With very little notice, Moshe prepared the case and made an aggressive, but respectful and emotionally intelligent case in court. I achieved the outcome that I was seeking, and it would have been impossible without his work and perserverence. I'm incredibly grateful for his service. This guy is worth every penny.

Excellent attorney

Mr. Admon was fantastic. He was very knowledgable with all of my concerns and was great at explaining everything to me. Everything was kept simple and to the point where it was easy to understand for someone who isn't very familiar with the legal process. He completely answered all of the questions that I had and then answered questions I didn't even know I had. He was very honest with me too, telling me that for my particular situation an attorney wasn't even necessary so that I could save money. He was also very friendly and made me laugh a lot which always is great. I definitely without a doubt would recommend him. He knows his stuff, he gets the job done, and would be really fun to work with.

Stand up guy and very thorough

Jeff is a very thorough and a guy that really cares about his client's needs and can really put himself in the shoes of his client and even the defense to get a great idea of what the next steps should be. He's a very strategic thinker and really analyzes the situation. Thanks a million for the advice!

Fantastic Job

I needed support with a renter who was refusing/unable to pay rent and then starting a whole big drama about my apartment, threatening to not leave and forcing me to evict him and generally being extremely difficult, causing me great pain and anxiety. Jeff was available during and after hours, knowledgeable, had the right information on had and helped me with letters and communication exactly as needed until that renter turned around. Very Good Experience!!!

Great lawyer!

I hired Jeff to help with a dispute I was having with my landlord over details of my lease. He was very knowledgeable, always answered my questions in a timely manner and advised me on my options every step of the way. Thanks to his great help I was able to get the issue resolved. I highly recommend him!

Direct and honest lawyer

Moshe delivered above and beyond everything I asked for with my legal services. He was very direct with the opposition, yet professional and he stayed detailed to his obligations to me per our contract. I'd strong suggest his work to others.

Tenacious and honest

Jeff will meet with you, speak to you like you're a human person (not like he's above you), and if he doesn't know the answer, he'll do the research to get the right answer. Even though you can certainly find people with more experience, I sincerely doubt you'll find anyone who will work as hard for or care as much about your issues. Highly recommend!

Saved me $14k

I was buying a condo. A week before closing seller wrote that she wants me to pay for special assessments, which she previously said she will pay with full price offer. 
Since it was Friday evening, I wasn't able to find attorney on yelp, who was open and willing to help. I used 15 minutes Avvo call to get info on my issue. And Avvo connected me with Mr. Admon. He was interested in my case, so we continued working with him. As a result, I saved $14k. 
About the communication with attorney. He was always saying that he wants to be as honest and fair as possible. He was working with me on this issue in the late Friday evening and weekends, and charged fair price. We agreed that I will be sending him any new info I will get, and I was receiving fast reply what to do next based on new info.


I used Jeff's (Moshe) Legal Services to help me with a consumer protection case. He was knowledgeable, responsive and quick. He kept me informed and assured me that he would take care of everything. And he most certainly did! I highly recommend him! Thanks so much Jeff!

Dedicated, Trusted, Professional

Mr. Admon helped me with an international issue involving real estate and business licensing. He was very communicative throughout the whole process. He explained the options I had and let ME make the final decisions. His international contacts and background in business and real estate helped me get the resulted that I wanted. I would definitely hire him again and refer him to all my contacts.

Excellent Lawyer - Couldn't Ask for Better

I was discriminated against by my Home Owners Association. It was an unbelievably hurtful experience which was both emotionally and financially damaging. Jeff gave me excellent guidance and helped resolve the issue to my satisfaction. He was highly attentive, responsive, and capable in his legal advice. Equally importantly, I can’t say enough about the kindness, empathy, and understanding he showed regarding the emotional toll this incident had on me, and how he handled it so professionally. Moreover, he answered my questions quickly and patiently explained my rights. He has a GREAT grasp of the law. I highly recommend Jeff and will surely hire him again for any issue.

Excellent Business Lawyer

Lawyer Moshe Admon has conducted a brilliant analysis of the market we're approaching and lead the company's go-to-market strategy.

Thorough and Professional

Jeff does a fantastic job of completely analyzing every fact of your issue and presenting all of your available options.

Personal consultation

Mr. Admon gives insightful personal professional advice and service.

What a guy

Honest. Reasonable.

International matters

I´m trying to move permanently to the US from COL. For that matter I´m planning on investing an important amount of money on real state and in international trade between COL and the US. Mr Admon illustrated me clearly regarding all the options I have, including my visa alternatives. I´m satisfied with his services so I´ll look up for his advice throughout my moving process.

Jeff helped me form an LLC and Family Trust

I own two properties in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in Philadelphia. real estate values have nearly tripled in 5 years and i needed dependable competent general legal council to help get my holding companies curated and coordinated with banking and insurer requirements. Jeff proved indispensable in curating issues, bank and adviser communication and selection, as well as being an excellent consultative resource . issues of llc dissolution and formation arouse that Jeff was able to find fast resolutions to.

Jeff also helped my family setup an income only protector trust for my elderly mother after my father passed away leaving a collection of multiple properties, one with a complex oil and gas contract involved with it. we needed to structure a trust tailored to our unique needs and although we had other lawyers involved in the trust's formation, Jeff was my personal legal consiliari that made the process painless and understandable.

Jeff is patient & caring through a difficult situation

Thank you Jeff, for your professionalism and patience in a very difficult time. Your attention to detail, knowledge of the law and compassion for our unique situation have made this process easier to navigate through. Our family is very thankful for you and confident we will come to the end of this process in a much better place.

Best Young Lawyer!

I hired Mr. Admon to represent me in a very important administrative hearing. He was an exceptional advocate and made a very strong case on my behalf. Mr. Admon is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him.

My experience

Very helpful in all aspects and I'm happy to recommend him.

Good experience

I had a consultation with Jeff. He was very knowledgeable and considerate. He answered my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.