Derek Bambauer




J.D. Harvard Law School (2004)
Harvard College (1996)


• Massachusetts (2004)

Derek Bambauer


Derek Bambauer 是 Admon 律师事务所的法律顾问,也是亚利桑那大学的法学教授。 班鲍尔是国际公认的互联网法和知识产权专家。 在亚利桑那大学,他是知识产权与创业诊所的联合创始人,该诊所为初创公司、创造者和发明家提供免费法律咨询。 他是国家科学基金会资助的共同获得者,用于研究使用人工智能分析合同。 Bambauer 在同行评审期刊、法律评论和主流媒体上发表了数十篇文章。 他的无偿工作包括根据联邦信息自由法进行的透明度诉讼,其结果已被《纽约时报》等媒体报道,并代表网络安全研究人员。 在成为律师之前,Bambauer 在 IBM 的 Lotus 部门工作了五年,最近担任首席系统工程师。 他获准在马萨诸塞州(自 2004 年起)和华盛顿州(待定)执业。 Bambauer 毕业于哈佛大学(历史和科学学士学位,成绩优异)和哈佛法学院(成绩优异)。


• Tea and Donuts, 107 Minnesota Law Review (forthcoming 2022) (co-author with Robert W. Woods)
• Cybersecurity:  An Interdisciplinary Problem (2021) (co-author with Justin Hurwitz, David Thaw & Charlotte Tschider)
• Cybersecurity for Idiots. 106 Minnesota Law Review Headnotes (2021)
• Worse than Human? 53 Arizona State Law Journal (co-author with Michael Risch) (2022)
• Paths or Fences:  Patents, Copyrights, and the Constitution, 104 Iowa L. Rev. 1017 (2019).


Professional Licenses

Washington State Managing Real Estate Broker

Notable Cases

1501 1st Ave. N v. Branfman, Cai, et al.

Complex EB-5 and Dissenter’s Rights Litigation and Trial.

Jeff represented 23 minority shareholders from China and Japan in an 8-day trial against American Life, Inc., the nation’s largest EB-5 developer. This was a trial of first impression in Washington. In conjunction with co-counsel, Jeff took the case to verdict, winning over $21 million for his clients.

Leek v. Wang, McDuffie, et al.

Complex Corporate Litigation and Trial

Jeff represented one of the Defendants, a renowned cybersecurity expert and owner of a multinational cybersecurity company. Plaintiff claimed Breach of Contract, Breach of Partnership, Breach of Duty as Partners, Contract Implied in Law, Contract Implied in Fact, Willful Refusal to Pay Wages, Negligent Misrepresentation, Intentionally Misrepresentation, and a host of other claims. After a 4-day trial, the court dismissed all claims against Jeff’s client.

In. Re. Estate of Pinto

Complex Probate Litigation and Trial

A week-long trial where Jeff successfully represented one of the estate beneficiaries, securing a near $1 million total verdict for his client and the return of an invaluable family heirloom.

Vo v. Huynh

Complex Family and Business Litigation and Trial

A highly contentious divorce where Jeff represented the wife. The husband owned and operated a multi-million dollar telecommunication business, and throughout litigation, concealed and wasted vast amounts of community assets. Jeff moved the court to appoint a Receiver, who wound up the business. Jeff secured approximately $400,000 in sanctions against the husband prior to trial. The trial court awarded Jeff’s client all the assets and businesses concealed by the opposing party, in addition to attorney fees.

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