Some of Admon Law’s Recent Court-Room Successes

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1501 1st Ave. N v. Branfman, Cai, et al.

Complex EB-5 and Dissenter’s Rights Litigation and Trial.
Jeff represented 23 minority shareholders from China and Japan in an 8-day trial against American Life, Inc., the nation’s largest EB-5 developer. This was a trial of first impression in Washington. In conjunction with co-counsel, Jeff took the case to verdict, winning over $21 million for his clients.

Leek v. Wang, McDuffie, et al.

Complex Corporate Litigation and Trial
Jeff represented one of the Defendants, a renowned cybersecurity expert and owner of a multinational cybersecurity company. Plaintiff claimed Breach of Contract, Breach of Partnership, Breach of Duty as Partners, Contract Implied in Law, Contract Implied in Fact, Willful Refusal to Pay Wages, Negligent Misrepresentation, Intentionally Misrepresentation, and a host of other claims. After a 4-day trial, the court dismissed all claims against Jeff’s client.

In. Re. Estate of Pinto

Complex Probate Litigation and Trial
A week-long trial where Jeff successfully represented one of the estate beneficiaries, securing a near $1 million total verdict for his client and the return of an invaluable family heirloom.

Vo v. Huynh

Complex Family and Business Litigation and Trial
A highly contentious divorce where Jeff represented the wife. The husband owned and operated a multi-million dollar telecommunication business, and throughout litigation, concealed and wasted vast amounts of community assets. Jeff moved the court to appoint a Receiver, who wound up the business. Jeff secured approximately $400,000 in sanctions against the husband prior to trial. The trial court awarded Jeff’s client all the assets and businesses concealed by the opposing party, in addition to attorney fees.

Gadley v. Ruddock

Complex Family Litigation and Trial
An interstate child custody case, where the mother absconded with the parties’ child to California. After a UCCJEA hearing before a panel of Washington and California judges, Jeff secured the child’s return to Washington. Jeff later represented his client in a 4-day trial. The court granted Jeff’s client full custody.

Guo v. Huang and Prime Taste Catering LLC

Business Litigation
A partnership dispute between members of an LLC, where Jeff’s client invested “sweat equity” and no money. Jeff filed a motion to appoint a General Receiver, pursuant to statute. At oral argument before the court, Jeff successfully convinced the court to appoint a General Receiver to take over and manage the dissolution of the LLC. Jeff was then able to negotiate a highly favorable settlement for his client, who took full control of the business.

Estate of Malcolm Burnett v. G. and B. Ahlgren

Real Estate Litigation
Plaintiffs were heirs of an estate that owns an extremely valuable multi-acre tract of land in Bellevue, WA, that borders land owned by Jeff’s clients. Plaintiffs sued Jeff’s clients for adverse possession of a road that ran on both properties. Both parties had partial legal ownership of the road, and for decades, both parties continually used that road to enter and exit their properties. However, Plaintiffs needed to adversely possess the road so they could develop between 8 – 10 residential homes on their land. If Plaintiffs won their lawsuit and adversely possessed the road, Jeff’s clients would have been blocked from using it and would have had to develop a separate road to access their home. Jeff successfully defeated Plaintiff’s lawsuit on summary judgment. Not only did the court dismiss Plaintiff’s lawsuit, but the court also granted Jeff’s clients a permanent easement over the road and awarded Jeff’s clients significant attorney fees.

Hu v. Quiao

Complex International Family Litigation
Jeff’s client lived between China and the US. The opposing party filed for divorce in Washington. Jeff successfully argued improper venue and jurisdiction under the UCCJEA. In an unprecedented ruling, the Superior Court Judge dismissed the opposing party’s Washington divorce petition and ordered the parties to file their divorce in China.

Hassan v. Abdi

Complex Family Litigation
Jeff’s client, the Respondent, was found in Default of a Divorce and Child Support Petition and ordered to pay support. Jeff brought a CR-60 Motion to Vacate the Default Judgment, pleading fraud, and successfully vacated the Default order before a Superior Court Judge.

Xian Noodles LLC v. Li and Huang

Internet Defamation
Jeff represented the Plaintiff in an internet defamation case where the Defendants posted defamatory and untrue statements about the Plaintiff’s restaurant on a popular Chinese social medial website. During litigation, Jeff forced Defendants to remove their defamatory posts about his client and secured a successful financial settlement on their behalf.

Smith v. Gen Con, Peter Adkison, et al.

Internet Defamation
Jeff represents the Plaintiff in an internet defamation case against Gen Con LLC, the largest Role-Playing Game trade show in the United States, and Peter Adkison, its co-owner, and creator of the tabletop role playing game "Dungeons and Dragons." A King County Superior Court judge wrongly dismissed the Plaintiff's case on a 12(b)(6) Motion, but Jeff, with the help of co-counsel, successfully appealed the Superior Court's decision, enabling the case to go forward. Reasons Magazine wrote an article about the successful appeal: Dungeons & Defamation: Role-Playing Game Convention Libel Case Can Go Forward (reason.com).

Henderson v. Thompson

Internet Defamation
Jeff represented the Defendant in an internet defamation case and helped secure a successful settlement on behalf of his client.

Robbins v. Vietnamese Today News LLC (Nguoi Viet Ngay Nay)

Newspaper Defamation
Jeff represented the Defendant Vietnamese Today News, the most prominent Vietnamese newspaper in Seattle, WA, in defamation lawsuit, for purportedly defaming the Plaintiff by publishing information about him relating to a fight that broke out at a political rally. Jeff and his co-counsel successfully had the lawsuit dismissed on a Motion for Summary Judgment.

Scott et al. v. Kensington Real Estate LLC

Business and Real Estate Litigation
Jeff represented multiple realtors in a lawsuit against their brokerage firm for withholding commissions. On the eve of trial, the parties appointed a mediator, and Jeff was able to reach a very successful settlement on behalf of his clients.

State of Washington v. Wicken

Criminal Trial of an individual accused of trespass and violation of a protective order
In a two-day trial, Jeff plead the defense of “mistaken identity.” Jeff’s client was found not guilty on all charges.

State of Washington v. Walsh

DUI. Defense
The Defendant was arrested for drinking while driving a moped. Arguing that a moped is not a “vehicle” for the purpose of the Washington Motor Vehicle Statute, in accordance with US v. Dotson, C.A. 9 (Wash.) 1994, 34 F.3d 882, 32 ALR 5th 875, the State dismissed the DUI charges against Jeff’s client.

Xu v. Guo

Antiharassment Litigation
Jeff represented Xu, a foreign college student in Seattle, being harassed and threatened by another student. After a lengthy antiharassment hearing with multiple witnesses and skilled opposing counsel (now a Washington State Superior Court Judge), Jeff won the hearing and secured a protection order for his client.

Bai v. Zhang

Reversal of Domestic Violence Protective Order
The Petitioner, Bai, accused Zhang of committing domestic violence against her. At the initial Domestic Violence Hearing, Zhang was self-represented, and the court found that he committed Domestic Violence. As a result, the court entered a 2-year no-contact order against Zhang. Zhang hired Jeff to help him, and Jeff appealed the case before a Judge, using a process known as a Revision. Using only the evidence presented by Bai at her initial hearing, Jeff was able to overturn the Domestic Violence Order against Zhang and have it completely dismissed. 

Mountain Mama Distillery Inc. v. KCB Enterprises, LLC

Trademark Litigation
Jeff represented Mountain Mama Distillery (“MMD”), a national spirit distillery, and owner of the “Mountain Mama” US Trademark No. 5,094,999. KCB infringed on the use of that trademark by marketing “Mountain Mama Moonshine” without a license. Jeff successfully enforced MMD’s trademark, forcing KCB to shut down all manufacturing, sale, and merchandising of products carrying the “Mountain Mama” name.