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Seattle's KING 5 News and KIRO 7 News featured Jeff Admon for his representation of a group of plaintiffs against the Monte Cristo ballroom wedding venue in Everett, WA. the Monte Cristo ballroom shut down and refused to return the wedding deposits of dozens of couples, leaving them without a venue for their weddings.
King5 News | 10.29.2019
KIRO 7 News | 10.29.2019


Jeff Admon was instrumental in securing patented oil skimming equipment from the Dutch Coast Guard to help clean the largest marine oil spill in history caused by the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Jeff was featured in both local and national ABC News for his efforts in helping the cleanup. The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe and BP’s slow response angered Jeff to such an extent that it triggered him to go to law school and become a trial lawyer, where he can stand up and fight for individuals, families, and communities against massive corporate greed.
abc News | 10.29.2019

Fox News National
The Washington Times
The Intercept_

Jeff Admon was featured in multiple national news outlets for his representation of Tara Reade against the New York Times for defamation and privacy violations.

Northshore News

Jeff Admon was featured in a case representing Woodinville Varsity Volleyball Head Coach, Andrea Roelen, defending her against false accusations made by a small group of students and parents.

Reason Magazine

Jeff Admon was featured for successfully bringing an appeal in the defamation case of Smith v. Gen Con LLC, Peter Adkison, et al. Jeff's client, Zak Smith, is a recognized artist and successful tabletop game developer. Gen Con is the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America. Peter Adkison is the co-owner of Gen Con, and the creator of the world-famous tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. Gen Con and Adkison defamed Smith online.

Jeff Admon, on Smith's behalf, filed a lawsuit against Gen Con and Adkison for Defamation, Defamation Per Se, False Light, Consumer Protection Act, Outrage, and Interference with a Business Expectancy.

The assigned judge, Hon. Catherine Shaffer, dismissed Smith's complaint on Defendants' 12(b)(6) Motion, conflating her erroneous legal reasoning with support for the #metoo movement in her oral ruling. The Appellate Court Division 1 held that the judge's decision to grant Defendants' 12(b)(6) Motion was misguided, and permitted Smith's claims of Defamation, Defamation Per Se, False Light, and Interference with Business Expectancy to go forward, in addition to awarding costs against Gen Con.

King 5 News

Jeff Admon was featured for suing the Seattle Public School District for silencing a student-athlete who bravely came forth to expose sexual hazing he witnessed while he was a swim team member (AT v. Seattle School District No. 1, Case No. 22-2-10907-6 SEA).

Law 360

Admon Law was featured in Law360 for representing a young founder of a high-tech startup whose partners forced him out. We stood up to the bullies and filed a lawsuit against them for fourteen causes of action, including Idea Theft, Violation of Washington’s Uniform Trade Secret Act, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, and Civil Conspiracy. Jaspal v. ThirstySprout LLC, David Stepania, et al., No. 22-2-19924-5 SEA, King County Sup. Ct. 2022.

Shortly after serving the lawsuit, we moved for an immediate temporary restraining order before the King County Superior Court ex parte division to prevent the Defendants from using valuable trade secrets. We had oral arguments before the court, which, of course, the Defendants opposed. The court sided with us and granted our client an immediate temporary restraining order.

We then moved for a preliminary injunction for our client, which the Defendants again opposed. For a trial court to grant an injunction, the moving party must show (1) that without an injunction, it will be irreparably damaged and(2) that it will likely prevail on the merits. See San Juan Cnty. v. No New Gas Tax, 160 Wn.2d 141, 154, 157 P.3d 831, 837(2007). At oral argument before a King County Superior Court trial judge, we proved both elements: (1) that our client would be irreparably damaged without an injunction and (2) that we were likely to prevail on the merits at trial. Therefore, the judge granted request for a preliminary injunction.

Admon Law is committed to vigorously fighting for justice on behalf of our clients.


Moshe Admon from Admon Law Firm, and his exceptional colleagues Lara Hruska, Managing Partner, and Luke Hackenberg, Associate, at Cedar Law, represented a student at Garfield High School who witnessed hazing on the Men’s Swim Team, and was prevented by administrators at the school from telling his story to the student newspaper, and, ostensibly silenced.

Admon Law and Cedar Law filed a 1st Amendment Lawsuit against the Seattle School District in the United States District Court Western District Of Washington (A.T. v. Seattle School District No. 1, Case # 2:22-cv-01140-RSM). After a long and arduous litigation, and surviving Summary Judgment filed by the Seattle School District, the Seattle School District paid a $125,000 settlement to our client.

Admon Law is committed to vigorously fighting for free speech and justice on behalf of our clients.